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The North Dakota onAir Hub supports North Dakotans to become more informed about and engaged in local, state, and federal politics while facilitating more civil and positive discussions with their representatives, candidates, and fellow citizens.

  • North Dakota onAir is one of 50 state governance and elections hubs that the US onAir Network is providing to help reinvigorate US democracy.  This post has short summaries of current state and federal representatives with links to their complete Hub posts.  Students curate post content from government, campaign, social media, and public websites.  Key content on the North Dakota Hub is also replicated on the US onAir nations Hub at:
  • North Dakota students will be forming onAir chapters in their colleges and universities to help curate Hub content.  As more students participate and more onAir chapters are started, we will expand to include more state and local content as well as increase the number of aircasts – student-led, livestreamed, online discussions with candidates, representatives, and the public.

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Doug Burgum – ND

Current Position: Governor since 2016
Affiliation: Republican
Former Position: Tech Entrepeneur from 1983 – 2007

After graduating from college in 1978, and getting an MBA in 1980, he mortgaged inherited farmland in 1983 to invest in Great Plains Software in Fargo. Becoming the company’s president in 1984, he grew Great Plains into a successful large software company. Burgum sold the company to Microsoft for $1.1 billion in 2001.

e has served as board chairman for Atlassian and SuccessFactors. Burgum is the founder of Kilbourne Group, a Fargo-based real-estate development firm, and also is the co-founder of Arthur Ventures, a software venture capital group.

Featured Quote: 
Preliminary figures show our 2019-21 state budget exceeded expectations with a $1B positive balance, nearly $320M more than projected. These robust revenues speak to the strength of ND’s economy and our conservative approach to forecasting and budgeting.

The Future Belongs to the Courageously Curious | Doug Burgum | TEDxFargo

OnAir Post: Doug Burgum – ND

ND Legislature

The North Dakota Legislative Assembly is the state legislature of the U.S. state of North Dakota. The Legislative Assembly consists of two chambers, the lower North Dakota House of Representatives, with 94 representatives, and the upper North Dakota Senate, with 47 senators. The state is divided into 47 constituent districts, with two representatives and one senator elected from each district. Members of both houses are elected without term limits. Due to the Legislative Assembly being a biennial legislature, with the House and Senate sitting for only 80 days in odd-numbered years, a Legislative Council oversees legislative affairs in the interim periods, doing longer-term studies of issues, and drafting legislation for consideration of both houses during the next session.

The Legislative Assembly convenes in the west chamber of the 19-story Art Deco state capitol building in Bismarck.

Source: Wikipedia

OnAir Post: ND Legislature

John Hoeven – ND

Current Position: US Senator since 2011
Affiliation: Republican
Former Positions: Governor of North Dakota from 2000 – 2010; President of the Bank of North Dakota from 1993 – 2000
Other Positions:  
Ranking Member, Subcommittee on Commodities, Risk Management and Trade – Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, Conservation, Climate, Forestry and Natural Resources
Ranking Member, Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Subcommittee – Committee on Appropriations

Before being elected governor, Hoeven was a banker who served in numerous executive roles at various banks, most notably as president of the nation’s only state-owned bank, the Bank of North Dakota, from 1993 to 2000. He is on the board of directors at First Western Bank & Trust and has an estimated net worth of $45 million, making him one of the wealthiest U.S. senators.

Featured Quote: 
Thank you to SDA & @SpaceX for inviting me out to @SLDelta45 for the launch of @SpaceX’s Transporter-2. The satellites are a key part of ensuring that the U.S. wins today’s race in space and an important aspect of our efforts to develop operations in #NorthDakota.

North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven at the border: “This has to stop RIGHT NOW”

OnAir Post: John Hoeven – ND

Kevin Cramer – ND

Current Position: US Senator since 2019
Affiliation: Republican
Former Position: orth Dakota Public Service Commission from 2003 – 2012
Positions: Ranking Member, Seapower subcommittee  – Senate Committee on Armed Services
Ranking Member, Transportation and Infrastructure subcommittee  – Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works

Featured Quote: 
President Biden allowing Nord Stream 2 to be completed is a slap in the face for U.S. energy producers and our NATO allies who are weary of giving Putin further control over Europe’s energy supply. @KFYRTV

Sen. Cramer Discusses Infrastructure, the January 6th Commission, and COVID-19 on Meet the Press

OnAir Post: Kevin Cramer – ND

North Dakota Votes in 2024

Federal & state elections on the ballot: US Senator, US House member, and State Senate and House members

Ballot measures: Require Initiated Constitutional Amendments to be Approved by the Legislature or Passed Twice Amendment (SCR 4001) and Amendment Changing the Membership and Terms of the Board of Higher Education (SCR 4016)

The North Dakota Elections, part of the Secretary of State, oversees all North Dakota elections.

OnAir Post: North Dakota Votes in 2024

About North Dakota

North Dakota is a U.S. state in the upper Midwestern United States. It is named after the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes, who comprise a large portion of the population and historically dominated the territory. It is the nineteenth largest in area, the fourth least populous, and the fourth most sparsely populated of the 50 states with a population of 779,094 according to the 2020 census. Its capital is Bismarck, and its largest city is Fargo.

North Dakota was admitted to the Union on November 2, 1889, along with its neighboring state, South Dakota. They were the 39th and 40th states admitted to the union. President Benjamin Harrison shuffled the statehood papers before signing them so that no one could tell which became a state first. For convenience, the two states are officially numbered in alphabetical order. In the 21st century, North Dakota’s natural resources have played a major role in its economic performance, particularly with the oil extraction from the Bakken formation, which lies beneath the northwestern part of the state. Such development has led to population growth and reduced unemployment, resulting in North Dakota’s having the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation (after Hawaii). North Dakota is home to the tallest man-made structure in the Western Hemisphere, the KVLY-TV mast.

Government Website   Wikipedia page 

OnAir Post: About North Dakota

North Dakota Collaborators

The US onAir Network will be working with volunteers from North Dakota universities, colleges, and nonprofit organizations to oversee the curation and moderation of posts, aircasts (online discussions), and in person events for the North Dakota onAir Hub …  related to federal, state, and local elections and government.

Our first outreach will be to University of North Dakota partly because of its proximity to the state capital. We have identified many of Auburn’s civic engagement, academic, internship and research programs related to making democracy and civic responsibility a focus of higher learning on their campus … for students, faculty, staff, and local community. This post, over time, will have similar information on other collaborating organizations in the state.

Contact for more information on how to involve your organization.

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