The North Dakota House of Representatives is the lower house of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly and is larger than the North Dakota Senate.

North Dakota is divided into between 40 and 54 legislative districts apportioned by population as determined by the decennial census. The 2000 redistricting plan provided for 47 districts. As each district elects two Representatives to the House, there are currently 94 representatives in the House.

Representatives serve four-year terms. Elections are staggered such that half the districts have elections every two years. Originally, the North Dakota Constitution limited members of the North Dakota House of Representatives to two-year terms, with all representatives standing for reelection at the same time. That practice continued until 1996, when the voters approved a constitutional amendment that changed the term for representatives to four-years with staggered terms. The amendment went into effect July 1, 1997, and was first applied in the 1998 elections.[1][2] Every two years half the districts elect both their representatives by block voting. In the 2022 North Dakota elections, a ballot measure passed with 63.4% of the vote creating term limits of eight years in the North Dakota House, which was put into effect starting January 2023.[3]

The House Chamber is located in the North Dakota State Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Composition of the House

North Dakota House Districts as of 2003. House district boundaries are identical to the North Dakota Senate's districts, with two representatives elected from each district.
The North Dakota State House by district (as of 2016). Red is 2 Republicans, blue is 2 Democrats/NPL, and purple is one of each
67th Legislative Assembly (2021–2023)
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
65th Legislative Assembly8113940
66th Legislative Assembly7815931
67th Legislative Assembly8014940
68th Legislative Assembly8212940
Latest voting share87%13%

2023–2024 officers

Speaker of the HouseDennis JohnsonRepublican15
Majority LeaderMike LeforRepublican37
Assistant Majority LeaderGlenn BoschRepublican30
Majority Caucus ChairAusten SchauerRepublican13
Minority LeaderZachary IstaDemocratic–NPL43
Assistant Minority LeaderJoshua BoscheeDemocratic–NPL44
Minority Caucus ChairJayme DavisDemocratic–NPL9

Members of the 68th House

The below individuals are members of the North Dakota House of Representatives for the 68th Legislative Assembly (2023–2025).[4]

DistrictRepresentativePartyResidenceFirst elected
1Patrick HatlestadRepublicanWilliston2006
David RichterRepublicanWilliston2018
2Bert AndersonRepublicanCrosby2014†
Donald LongmuirRepublicanStanley2016
3Jeff HoversonRepublicanMinot2018
Lori VanWinkleRepublicanMinot2022
4Clayton FegleyRepublicanBerthold2018†
Lisa Finley-DeVilleDemocratic–NPLNew Town2022
5Jay FisherRepublicanMinot2018
Scott LouserRepublicanMinot2010
6Dick AndersonRepublicanWillow City2010
Paul ThomasRepublicanVelva2020
7Jason DockterRepublicanBismarck2012
Matt HeilmanRepublicanBismarck2022
8SuAnn OlsonRepublicanBaldwin2022
Brandon PrichardRepublicanBismarck2020
9Jayme DavisDemocratic–NPLRolette2022
Donna HendersonRepublicanCalvin2022
10Hamida DakaneDemocratic–NPLFargo2022
Steve SwiontekRepublicanFargo2022
11Liz ConmyDemocratic–NPLFargo2022
Gretchen DobervichDemocratic–NPLFargo2016
12Mitch OstlieRepublicanJamestown2020
Bernie SatromRepublicanJamestown2016
13Jim JonasRepublicanWest Fargo2022
Austen SchauerRepublicanWest Fargo2018
14Jon NelsonRepublicanRugby1996
Robin WeiszRepublicanHurdsfield1996
15Kathy FrelichRepublicanDevils Lake2022
Dennis JohnsonRepublicanDevils Lake1992
16Ben KoppelmanRepublicanWest Fargo2012
Andrew MarschallRepublicanFargo2016
17Landon BahlRepublicanGrand Forks2022
Mark SanfordRepublicanGrand Forks2010
18Corey MockDemocratic–NPLGrand Forks2008
Steve VetterRepublicanGrand Forks2016
19Karen AndersonRepublicanGrafton2022
David MonsonRepublicanOsnabrock1992[a]
20Jared HagertRepublicanEmerado2020
Mike BeltzRepublicanHillsboro2020
21LaurieBeth HagerDemocratic–NPLFargo2018
Mary SchneiderDemocratic–NPLFargo2014
22Brandy PyleRepublicanCasselton2016
Jonathan WarreyRepublicanCasselton2022†
Nico RiosRepublicanWilliston2022
24Rose ChristensenRepublicanRogers2024†
Dwight KiefertRepublicanValley City2012
25Alisa MitskogDemocratic–NPLWahpeton2014
Cindy Schreiber-BeckRepublicanWahpeton2014
26Jeremy OlsonRepublicanArnegard2022
Kelby TimmonsRepublicanWatford City2022
27Josh ChristyRepublicanFargo2022
Greg StemenRepublicanFargo2020†
28Michael Don BrandenburgRepublicanEdgeley2004
Jim GrueneichRepublicanEllendale2022
29Craig HeadlandRepublicanMontpelier2002
Don VigesaaRepublicanCooperstown2002[c]
30Glenn BoschRepublicanBismarck2016
Mike NatheRepublicanBismarck2008
31Dawson HolleRepublicanMandan2022
Karen RohrRepublicanMott2010
32Pat HeinertRepublicanBismarck2016
Lisa MeierRepublicanBismarck2008
33Anna NovakRepublicanHazen2022
Bill TveitRepublicanHazen2018
34Todd PorterRepublicanMandan1998
Nathan TomanRepublicanMandan2012
35Karen KarlsRepublicanBismarck2006
Bob MartinsonRepublicanBismarck2000
36Dori HauckRepublicanHebron2021†
Gary KreidtRepublicanNew Salem2002[d]
37Mike LeforRepublicanDickinson2014
Vicky SteinerRepublicanDickinson2010
38JoAnne RademacherRepublicanFoxholm2024†
Dan RubyRepublicanMinot2000
39Keith KempenichRepublicanBowman1992
Mike SchatzRepublicanNew England2008[e]
40Matthew RubyRepublicanMinot2016
Randy SchobingerRepublicanMinot2016
41Jorin JohnsonRepublicanFargo2022
Michelle StrindenRepublicanFargo2018
42Claire CoryRepublicanGrand Forks2019†
Emily O'BrienRepublicanGrand Forks2016
43Zachary IstaDemocratic–NPLGrand Forks2020†
Eric James MurphyRepublicanGrand Forks2022
44Joshua BoscheeDemocratic–NPLFargo2012
Karla Rose HansonDemocratic–NPLFargo2016
45Carrie McLeodRepublicanFargo2022
Scott WagnerRepublicanFargo2022
46Jim KasperRepublicanFargo2000
Shannon Roers JonesRepublicanFargo2016
47Lawrence KleminRepublicanBismarck1998
Mike MotschenbacherRepublicanBismarck2022
  • †Representative was appointed when they first joined the House

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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  3. ^ Represented District 23 prior to 2022
  4. ^ Represented District 33 prior to 2022
  5. ^ Represented District 36 prior to 2022


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